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Jamaican Wood Living Bitters

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Bitters have been used for centuries to enhance both the flavor of cocktails and other drinks while also aiding in digestion. These Jamaican and Root Living Bitters contain ingredients that aid in digestion and enhance the flavor of beverages. They work great when added to cocktails, teas, seltzer or other beverages. Jamaican wood root has a number of medical benefits. It helps break down glucose and keep blood sugar under control. It cleanses the blood and helps lower bad cholesterol. It increases stomach acid and bile, which improves digestion.

The bitters also contain neem. Neem has a number of medical benefit when used in bitters. It aids in digestion and removes toxins from your GI system. It even helps get rid of parasites. By encouraging better digestion, neem also improves metabolism and boosts energy. It strengthens your immunity and wards off infection. It cleanses the blood of toxins It also antimicrobial properties that encourage good oral health when you drink it. Jamaican Wood and Root Bitters is the natural way to improve your digestion, remove toxins from your system, and boost energy and metabolism. Get all the benefits of bitters today!

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