Who we are

Nature's Organelle is a family owned and operated business located in Georgia. created by a mother and father of 5 healthy happy boys. We wanted to share our family's health secret with the world. We make each order fresh with the best ingredients so you too can have a happy healthy family. We know nature provides all that we need to live a healthy and prosperous life by giving us nutrients to fuel our bodies.  We love what we provide and hope you enjoy our simple recipes that bring good health into your home.


What is Nature's Organelle?

Nature's Organelle was created off the idea that the main source of life are the living cells of the body. While teaching our homeschool class about cells we learned an organelle is any number of organized or specialized structures within a living cell. We concluded that nature (as a living cell) provides us with specialized nutrients ( herbs, healthy foods, water, and fruit) within the Earth to help us sustain healthy life cycles.