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The 90 day blood cleanser is about restoring any & all health conditions.

Why purified blood matter
From transporting oxygen, hormones, sugar, to regulating our immune system and cleansing the body, blood is responsible for several processes taking place within the body. It can be simply deduced that our blood needs to remain clean and free of toxins for the proper functioning of the body. Several other health benefits like glowing and acne-free skin, reduced cholesterol level, easy transport of nutrients etc can be procured if blood is free of toxins and waste.
Kidneys and liver contribute the maximum in the purification of blood.

•Burdock root is described as a blood purifier and clears the bloodstream of toxins.

•Dandilon root Dandelion acts as a diuretic that increases the amount of water moving through your kidneys. This in turn helps filter out waste from the blood. 

•Blue vervain eliminate toxins from the system,protect the kidneys and the liver, decrease inflammation in the body which is the root of most disease.

Minerals & vitamins building herbs (Multivitamins)

•Watercress is rich in vitamin A (from beta-carotene) and vitamin C, and is a source of folate, calcium, iron and vitamin E. It also contains useful amounts of vitamin K, thiamin, vitamin B6, potassium and iodine and is naturally low in sodium

•Irish moss contains 92 of the 102 minerals that our bodies need, along with Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K. It is especially rich in calcium and iodine, as well as containing potassium iodide and potassium bromide, selenium, zinc and natural silica.

PH Testing strips:
The easy and accurate way to measure your pH level is by using pH urine strips.
•Keeping your body balanced and in alkaline state helps boost your energy, and improve overall the quality of your life.
•The body needs to maintain a pH balance of 7.365 to function optimally.
Monitor Your your Health & Test Your pH Level weekly with strips probided with blood restoring guide.

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