I've been giving my family elderberry for years now. When I found out about it I immediately purchased a bottle and have been using it since. If you're not familiar with elderberry here's why it's a must in my family and should be in yours too.

* seasonal allergies

* cold and flu symptoms

* Aids with digestion

* cancer prevention

* weight loss

* respiratory issues

* Full of antioxidants

* Alkaline

I started making elderberry juice with the help of my 12 year old son and we now sell it to families near and far. We love the benefits and we love how easy it is to make. Our goal is to help families heal and enjoy the benefits of mama earth and all she provides. If you've never tried elderberry before and would like to begin preventive care, order a jar for yourself. It lasts 6 months in the fridge and is made fresh. A simple dose of 1 Tbsp for adults and 1/2 tsp for kids makes all the difference in your immune system.  If you're sick take the same dosage every 3-4 hours. Enjoy!


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